Friday, March 5, 2010

comment should not be empty....

one of the great things about reading other blogs is the reassurance that we're all in this together (great, now i have ben lee stuck in my head), that aside from different scenery out the windows the trip down life's highway is fairly similar for most of us.

one of my favourites is 'mr london street (if i could do that link thingy i would) not only is he an awesome writer - you have to check out his '100 word challenge' section - but i like to think we would get on amazingly well if we met.

anyway, his latest post is about giving people your full attention or, more precisely, how we dont often do it. guilty as charged. i might be writing a mental shopping list or thinking about work and lose track of what is going on around me and then have to resort to the old 'smile and nod'.

i went to comment on another post just after i had read his and accidentally hit the 'post comment' box before i had written anything and was told 'the comment should not be empty' - way to drive the point home universe!

Thursday, March 4, 2010


ladies and gentlemen may i present (huge drumroll) ...the newest HACC cert 3 holder in your neighbourhood!

that's right, folks, all over bar the shouting - well in this case, the final presentation. last class yesterday, first day of certified care today and a HUGE sigh of relief that the study is finished....for the time being.

because now that i've got cert 3, the door has begun to swing open and there is a plethora (do you know what it means to have a plethora?) of options!
continue on to cert 4...? specialise...? become a trainer myself...?