Sunday, April 25, 2010 times

...ever realised the split second after you do something that it's going to end in tears?
Like noticing the teaspoon in the sink in the microsecond between turning on the tap and being soaked by the backspray, or realising just as you wave at him, that the gorgeous guy is waving to the girl behind you.
Almost before i pressed the on switch i realised there was too much soup in the blender......i'm off to the shower now that i've washed down the walls, vegie soup looks a lot like vomit when it's all over the kitchen.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

aaah adelaide

...i know people have this idea that adelaide is a sleepy little country town where nothing ever happens - but some of us love it for that reason.
however come february everything happens at once, adelaide puts on it's party dress and we arent going to be before, ooh, midnight for anyone! we have the arts festival, the clipsal, the fringe, womadelaide and hundreds of music and cultural festivals etc etc all squished into a couple of months.

one of my favourites is the northern lights

thanks to etsa and their electrickery, the gorgeous buildimgs along north terrace become breathtaking
it creates a beautiful atmosphere in the city - we all get warm and fuzzy - and it was the perfect setting for andrew's proposal =)