Friday, May 28, 2010

...mums - it takes all kinds andrew and i thought this was a cool thing to do to mark (literally) getting engaged.
laurie, the burly hells angel who did them for us asked me if my mum was going to smack me when i got home, but in actual fact she wrote a very short poem about it for her creative writing homework...
'is it a sign of the times today
that a couple about to be wed
instead of wearing their hearts on their sleeves
wear them tattooed on their arms instead?'

Friday, May 14, 2010

...eww gross

a couple of weeks ago i was suitably fascinated/disgusted whilst listening to a formerly-obese comedian talk about his visit to a health spa in thailand. apparently he had been large all his life, but when his doctor tagged him 'morbidly obese' he decided that enough was more than too much and went to thailand to kick start his weight loss. he spent 2 weeks existing on juice and twice daily SELF ADMINISTERED colonic irrigations (he was actually pretty proud of the whole self-administered thing). then proceded to let me know that he was so fascinated/disgusted by what was coming out of him that he kept a photo journal ?!?
the point of the story being that last week while i was in hervey bay my sister introduced me to...relax, it's only ear candles, but after they burned down there was that same feeling of f/d as i unwrapped the base to see what 40+ years of slightly-above-average aural hygeine looked like.
i highly recommend them - its so fascinatingly disgusting. oh, and your ears are amazingly clear afterwards!

Sunday, April 25, 2010 times

...ever realised the split second after you do something that it's going to end in tears?
Like noticing the teaspoon in the sink in the microsecond between turning on the tap and being soaked by the backspray, or realising just as you wave at him, that the gorgeous guy is waving to the girl behind you.
Almost before i pressed the on switch i realised there was too much soup in the blender......i'm off to the shower now that i've washed down the walls, vegie soup looks a lot like vomit when it's all over the kitchen.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

aaah adelaide

...i know people have this idea that adelaide is a sleepy little country town where nothing ever happens - but some of us love it for that reason.
however come february everything happens at once, adelaide puts on it's party dress and we arent going to be before, ooh, midnight for anyone! we have the arts festival, the clipsal, the fringe, womadelaide and hundreds of music and cultural festivals etc etc all squished into a couple of months.

one of my favourites is the northern lights

thanks to etsa and their electrickery, the gorgeous buildimgs along north terrace become breathtaking
it creates a beautiful atmosphere in the city - we all get warm and fuzzy - and it was the perfect setting for andrew's proposal =)

Friday, March 5, 2010

comment should not be empty....

one of the great things about reading other blogs is the reassurance that we're all in this together (great, now i have ben lee stuck in my head), that aside from different scenery out the windows the trip down life's highway is fairly similar for most of us.

one of my favourites is 'mr london street (if i could do that link thingy i would) not only is he an awesome writer - you have to check out his '100 word challenge' section - but i like to think we would get on amazingly well if we met.

anyway, his latest post is about giving people your full attention or, more precisely, how we dont often do it. guilty as charged. i might be writing a mental shopping list or thinking about work and lose track of what is going on around me and then have to resort to the old 'smile and nod'.

i went to comment on another post just after i had read his and accidentally hit the 'post comment' box before i had written anything and was told 'the comment should not be empty' - way to drive the point home universe!

Thursday, March 4, 2010


ladies and gentlemen may i present (huge drumroll) ...the newest HACC cert 3 holder in your neighbourhood!

that's right, folks, all over bar the shouting - well in this case, the final presentation. last class yesterday, first day of certified care today and a HUGE sigh of relief that the study is finished....for the time being.

because now that i've got cert 3, the door has begun to swing open and there is a plethora (do you know what it means to have a plethora?) of options!
continue on to cert 4...? specialise...? become a trainer myself...?

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

what to do, what to do....

I got my first tattoo after i turned 30. i'd been thinking about it since i was 17, but it wasn't quite as acceptable back then and, at heart, i'm a good girl. Anyway by the time i'd reached the stately age of 30 i figured that i'd be able to make a sensible design choice (see what i mean - 'sensible' + 'tattoo'), which is how i ended up with a very nice, quite delicate band around my upper arm.*

then you have to get the next one, because it's addictive, so a couple of years later a gecko appeared on my lower back - i would like to say that my tattoo has been in place since 1998, way before everyone else got theirs and they became so common (in all senses of the word) they are now known as the 'tramp stamp'.
one of my christmas presents, from andrew, is a voucher for a new one - i've been building up to this for a while and am fairly certain now on the 'what and where', however this post is not really about tattoos.

in 2002 i had my nose pierced. it got infected a couple of times in the first year, but apart from that, never a problem. in the last 2 months i have lost both of my favourite studs - one down the plug in the shower and the other - who knows? thats the thing, they've just fallen out. which makes me wonder if the universe is telling me that at 42 it's time to give it up. i've always been aware that there would come a day when i would take it out (nose stud at 86? dont think so) i just hadn't thought much about when that would be.
i figure i've got a couple of days before the hole closes to decide what to do...

*= ( now - thanks to my declining close up vision and lack of skin tone it just looks blurry to me