Sunday, April 25, 2010 times

...ever realised the split second after you do something that it's going to end in tears?
Like noticing the teaspoon in the sink in the microsecond between turning on the tap and being soaked by the backspray, or realising just as you wave at him, that the gorgeous guy is waving to the girl behind you.
Almost before i pressed the on switch i realised there was too much soup in the blender......i'm off to the shower now that i've washed down the walls, vegie soup looks a lot like vomit when it's all over the kitchen.


  1. LOL :)Yep, yep and yep. And banana milkshake in summer does not make your kitchen smell great after its hit the roof either.

  2. ha ha - move over masterchef there's a new breed of cooking show about to explode onto the screen - 'kitchen disasters'

  3. hahahahahahah - der freddy!!!