Thursday, April 22, 2010

aaah adelaide

...i know people have this idea that adelaide is a sleepy little country town where nothing ever happens - but some of us love it for that reason.
however come february everything happens at once, adelaide puts on it's party dress and we arent going to be before, ooh, midnight for anyone! we have the arts festival, the clipsal, the fringe, womadelaide and hundreds of music and cultural festivals etc etc all squished into a couple of months.

one of my favourites is the northern lights

thanks to etsa and their electrickery, the gorgeous buildimgs along north terrace become breathtaking
it creates a beautiful atmosphere in the city - we all get warm and fuzzy - and it was the perfect setting for andrew's proposal =)


  1. oooh, aaah, pretty etc. Can't wait to get in amongst all that there dang culture!!! Really, really nice photos there girl. Must be helpful to have a natty little tripod. Andrew is such a schmooksy poo - (I don't actually use that word in real life, it just came out of my wayward fingers!!!)He'll do donkey, he'll do.......

  2. thanks, the tripod was an integral part of this photo session!!

  3. OMG how gorgeous! Stayed in Adelaide for two days recovery in middle of car trip across Nullabor with three children aged 5, 19 months and 3 weeks. Can't say I remember much of it. One day, I'll come back when I'm not completely comatose!

  4. Oh - so glad your back. Helen? Helen? What are you doing with your blog?

  5. wow. the thought of that trip. hell? nightmare? one day you have to come back and see the old girl for the beauty she is!