Friday, May 14, 2010

...eww gross

a couple of weeks ago i was suitably fascinated/disgusted whilst listening to a formerly-obese comedian talk about his visit to a health spa in thailand. apparently he had been large all his life, but when his doctor tagged him 'morbidly obese' he decided that enough was more than too much and went to thailand to kick start his weight loss. he spent 2 weeks existing on juice and twice daily SELF ADMINISTERED colonic irrigations (he was actually pretty proud of the whole self-administered thing). then proceded to let me know that he was so fascinated/disgusted by what was coming out of him that he kept a photo journal ?!?
the point of the story being that last week while i was in hervey bay my sister introduced me to...relax, it's only ear candles, but after they burned down there was that same feeling of f/d as i unwrapped the base to see what 40+ years of slightly-above-average aural hygeine looked like.
i highly recommend them - its so fascinatingly disgusting. oh, and your ears are amazingly clear afterwards!

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